Sarah Langlands, a single mother of four who had been battling terminal colon cancer and waking up wet with perspiration every night, had gone suddenly, according to the medical examiner. Every night, Sarah woke up covered in perspiration.

Sarah Langlands, who was 35 years old and had four children  Tayla, 14, Reese, 9, Kydan, 11, and Jordyn, 7, passed away after a 14-month fight against cancer.

After being informed by western medicine couldn’t keep herself alive, she made headlines in March when she said she wanted to go to Thailand for her ‘last shot at a cure’ so she could watch her kids grow up.

This was after she had been advised by physicians that western medicine couldn’t save her life. But it seemed as though the ‘holistic’ therapy that was being provided at the centre in Thailand wasn’t going to be able to save her either.

The mother experienced her first sign of illness a year ago when cancer spread to her liver. After that, she discovered a lump that an ultrasound technician identified as being fatty tissue.

A few weeks later, she was admitted to the hospital where she was given a Stage 4 cancer diagnosis. She fought for her life to be able to see her four little children through their formative years.

How Rich Is Sarah Langlands?

The net worth of Sarah Langlands has not yet been revealed.