People on the internet were attempting to figure out who the “Libs of TikTok” admin, a conservative account that goes after liberals, teachers, and LGBTQ individuals, was.

On Twitter, the account was disabled, but it is still operational on Instagram.

Libs of TikTok
Libs of TikTok

The name of the anonymous account holder of Libs of TikTok has been revealed by Washington Post columnist Taylor Lorenz. She announced the publication of her new piece on Twitter.

Does Chaya Raichik Own Libs Of TikTok Account?

The creator of the “Libs Of TikTok” account has been identified as Chaya Raichik, a Real Estate employee.

The creator of “Libs Of TikTok” sparked outrage after her identity was revealed by the Washington Post. Taylor Lorenz, an American journalist, shared a post about identifying the anonymous user.

According to research, the account is owned by a realtor in Brooklyn, New York.

The “Libs of TikTok” user spread false information, putting other people in danger in the process. People in their thirties to early fifties have been known to engage in this type of conduct.

One of the recent posts on Libs of TikTok states: “Not only do they demand we use their pronouns, but now they insist we put in the emotional effort to understand their gender and pronouns. Off the charts narcissism.” I hope those who don’t know about this handle, now understand what is it all about.