Eugene Melnyk was born in Toronto, Ontario, on May 27, 1959, the child of Ferdinand and Verna Melnyk, who were both born in Ukraine.

He was a Canadian resident and furthermore, a resident of Barbados.

In July 2019, Melnyk was sued by Connecticut club Mohegan Sun for more than US$1 million over a betting question that happened in 2017.

The gambling club asserted that Melnyk neglected to follow through with a US$900,000 obligation when various bank drafts adding up to the sum were “disrespected” by TD Bank.

Melnyk guaranteed the club rejected his solicitations to cash him out when he was winning, and his attorney Jonathan Katz affirmed that the club “actuated” Melnyk to keep playing by declining to cash him out when his play had prompted winning a “significant amount of money”.

How did Eugene Melnyk Make his Money?

He made his fortune in the drug business as the originator and CEO of Biovail Corporation. Melnyk had a liver transfer in 2015 after the group ran a public mission for a benefactor.

Thereafter, he started an organization dedicated to raising awareness for organ donation.

What is Eugene Melnyk’s Net Worth?

Eugene Melnyk at the time of his death had an estimated net worth of $1.21 billion. He had owned the Senators since 2003 when he bought the NHL club for $92 million. The Toronto native was involved in other businesses around Canada.